What to wear? The age old question we most often ask ourselves. Style is an expression of yourself and what you feel beautiful in. Today’s different types of fashion style gives us various options. Your personality is often a strong indicator of what type of style suits you best. It’s all about showing who you are on the inside and outside! Understanding the different types of fashion style can simplify your shopping and look. All apparel are grouped according to similarities in pattern, fabric, style, colour and cut.

  • Bohemian & Artsy – Bohemian draws inspiration from the gypsy look. It features intricate patterns, peasant blouses, head scarfs and not forgetting the hippy ponchos. This would be considered a non – traditional look. The Artsy look is definitely for the creatives out there. The style features the non-conventional apparel. Look out for hand crafted items and unique pieces that complete the look.
  • Chic & Classic – The more popular styles of fashion – trendy and fashionable! Well-tailored and carefully thought of jewellery and accessories. These looks have beautiful fabrics and are known to express a sense of stability. Simple Elegance!
  • Glamorous, Sexy & Sophisticated – The glamourous can be defined as dramatic and flamboyant, this is the individual that walks in and gets everyone’s attention. Sexy style is flirtatious and leaves little to the imagination. Sophisticated styles are the opposite of sexy, these people value haute culture and luxury.

No matter what your style, always remember your fashion doesn’t make you the person you are. Fashion is just a way of expressing who you are.

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