From the earliest of time, roses have been used as tokens of love, sympathy, repentance and atonement. Roses also signify the coming together of people, regardless the occasion or purpose adding beauty, serenity, colour and glamour to any gathering.

Bloemfontein, meaning the “Fountain of Flowers”, can surely be considered the most appropriate destination for celebrating the rose, with festivities centered around the Loch Logan Waterfront on of the most recognized landmarks in the city.

Held annually, the Bloemfontein Rose Festival takes place during the month of October, this being the 40th  year.  The highlights take place this year from 22-25  October 2015. It attracts thousands of visitors and rose lovers from across South Africa and the world to experience and participate in this spectacle of roses and assortment of events taking place throughout the city.

Loch Logan Waterfront, the shopping and entertainment capital of Central South Africa, has  aligned itself over the past years  to participate fully in the Bloemfontein Rose Festival, one of the absolute highlights of the Central South African events calendar.

The Waterfront will play host to mass flower displays created by local nurseries as well as the official municipal rose festival display built by the Dept of Parks and cemetries of the Mangaung Metro. The Free State Rose Society’s champion Rose Cut Competition will also be hosted in the Mall, with approximately seven hundred entrants from across the country expected to take part.

The Executive Mayor of Mangaung Metro, Councilor Thabo Manyoni, said the Rose Festival strengthens the city’s efforts to turn Mangaung into “an attractive, clean, green and healthy environment that will serve as a basis for sustainable economic development and enhance the quality of life for present and future generations.

“Mangaung has always been defined as the city of Roses, and my emphasis has always been that the citizens of Mangaung continue to lead in growing roses, as this augurs well with the city’s plans, amongst others, the Clean Yard competition. All these initiatives can be located in our vision to be a safe and attractive city to live, work and invest in. As the city, we will continue to support these types of initiatives.”

Loch Logan Waterfront will also host the Miss Bloemnuus  Rosebud competition.  This competition is for little ladies between the age of three and four years old and attracts hundreds of entries from all over central South Africa.  The finals of the event take place on Saturday  24 October 2015 at 10:00 . The Matric Dance Dress of the Year, also presented in conjunction with Bloemnuus, takes place at 12:00 on Saturday.

With thousands of roses on display, and a line-up of top class entertainment, the community of Mangaung’s participation will enhance the overall quality and success of this festival, establishing itself as the heart of this splendid cacophony of colour, entertainment and rose celebrations.