AHA Hotels & Lodges, the tourism property management company of Tourvest’s Accommodation and Activities division has Johannesburg as its headquarters, Rivonea to be specific. Their interests however stretch much wider than the boundaries and borders of the Rainbow Nation though and include many African abodes. For the purposes of today’s educational the resorts in Zambia and Botswana come into focus and how fortunate we are to be able to report on such varied, bewildering and awe-inspiring countries.

Similar to the Scottish missionary, abolitionist and physician by the same name, The David Livingstone Safari Lodge and Spa is a force to reckoned with. Occupying an unassailable real estate rank on the Zambezi it is an exercise in futility to attempt to out maneuver this journey’s end when levels of service, luxury and spa facilities are taken into consideration. The “jaw-droppingly” awesome infinity pool, terrificly-tantalsing terrace, spacious rooms and expertly appointed suites are all adorned with a breath-taking view of the Mighty Zambezi.

River and land excursions at Chobe truly separate this destination from other fly-by-night establishments. Memorable pursuits enhancing your Chobe Marina Lodge stay include (but are not limited to) a laidback sightseeing cruise to Sedudu Island, or attempting amateur angling with sight firmly set on reeling in the famed tiger fish, which inhabit the Chobe and Kasai River systems.

On the back of all this lavishness, we feel it only fair to mention that upon calling at anyone of these establishments a return-visit is unavoidable and we cannot be held accountable for your ensuing and ever mounting travel expenses as a result thereof…