Sihle Khumalo is my new hero. This man went from Cape to Cairo by public transport only. Look I’m going to sound mean but Africa isn’t known for its excellent public transport so I say kudos or give that man a bells for actually leaving a young child and his wife behind to follow his dream.

A must read for fans of Paul Theroux, Mr. Khumalo’s writing voice is honest and easily readable; it’s almost (as a colleague of mine puts it) like talking to a friend. When I say honest he really is: eg. a story of a public sex stunt with his wife in a South African park.
What really touched my about this book and something that will never leave me are some of the characters he meets on the journey. They are mind blowing in terms of honesty and prove that there are still good people who even against all odds (poverty, high unemployment etc) still try to bring the light that is good in the dark continent.

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Reviewed by Lungelo Dlamini, Exclusive Books La Lucia